Making an Impact

This past Monday, I had the privilege to go down to Drexel and be a part of a luncheon held by the Drexel Autism Support Program, or DASP. It’s a great program and it helped me a lot when I was at school. So, of course, I was excited to jump at the invitation.

As for the lunch itself? It was the director of the program Dr. Rebecca Weidensaul, faculty members Dr. Jim Conell, and Jessie Day-Watkins, and current students or are involved with DASP. Great bunch. I saw their plans to help Drexel students on the spectrum by way of providing support and helping the students develop goals to achieve in their time at Drexel, whether it’s academc goals or personal goals such as making friends.

My thoughts as an alum and a past participant in this program? I think their path is pretty good. The thoughts I shared were that DASP should work to introduce themselves and their services to incoming students, such as being involved in Drexel activities such as New Student Orientation. I was lucky enough to get Rebecca’s card, so hopefully, we can stay in touch in the coming months and possibly years. For two months, September seems a long way away for some reason.

It feels great to be able to have something to support at your alma mater once you graduate. I think I found the way I’ll support Drexel.


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