My Process

As the months change, I think that it’s a better time than ever to talk about something some may be wondering: My writing process. It’s not that elaborate or anything. It’s not like anything you see in the movies, so if you’re wondering if I go to some cabin in the mountains, prepare to be disappointed. Anyway, here we go.

At the start of the month, when I write for the first time, I get everything I want to work on in a composition notebook. Just a simple composition notebook you can get for dirt cheap. And then, I pick one to work on. It could be a short story, or a chapter of a novel that I have in my head. Although recently, I’ve gone on to work on notes for my stories because I feel I need to streamline the bigger things I want to work on because it would help me figure out the story and where I want to go with it. While I have a lot of ideas for writing that could take me months to develop, write down, and edit, when I start writing something, I won’t write anything else until I finish that thing I commit myself to writing. It could take a few days for me to complete a chapter or a short story.

After I complete the writing, I take the day after completion as a breather day. What do I do? Watch TV, do laundry, just do anything except writing so I can recharge and think about what to do next. For now, at least. I think that once I have to deal with deadlines and release dates, I won’t have these breather days. At least I’m appreciating not having to deal with deadlines and release dates because I won’t have to deal with the worry of rushing something out, and the only expectations I have to meet are mostly my own.

And finally, one thing that I may do that’s a cliche writer thing: yes, I listen to music when I write. My choices are either the music on my phone or a channel on my Pandora account. If I use my phone, I arrange the songs that are in the “Up Next” section of music so I can just write without having to fight the urge to just pick a song every few minutes. As for the Pandora situation? I just pick a station and write with the only choice to be either be listening from my phone or my laptop. In either scenario, the only thing I listen for is if a song particularly catches my attention, which will lead me to looking to buy it on iTunes, either after I finish my writing session, or when I’m about to go on vacation.

And then I write until I’m done. Or if I’m tired. Or if my laptop’s battery life is low and needs to be connected to the charger immediately. Whichever one of those things comes first.

As for what I’m writing currently? Well, that’s kind of top secret at the moment, and the only time you’ll hear about details is if I talk about it in a “What Am I Working On?” update. Or if I announce the completion of a project. But, I will tell you this: when I finish a long work, be it a novel or a feature length screenplay, I’m going to make plans to go to an anime convention to celebrate. I went to one in my junior year of college, and it’s a great way to forget about the thoughts of an editor you hand your work to.

I hope that this post was informative and helped you understand how I write. Thank you for reading it.



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